Krocus Kozanis Summer Special Offer 6 teas for 15

A selection of our best selling saffron infused teas

What makes Krocus Kozanis saffron infused teas so special?

Krocus Kozanis produce some of the world’s finest Category 1 saffron, which helps to keep your body in balance for a healthier lifestyle. Krocus Kozanis saffron is blended with carefully selected teas, herbs, fruits and spices to create a delicious range of saffron infused teas, with flavours such as our very popular Green Tea with Ginger & Liquorice and the infamous Honey & Orange. Krocus Kozanis saffron has been used as a healing agent since antiquity.

The only way to really experience the taste of Krocus Kozanis tea with saffron is to try it for yourself!  The range includes the following great flavours: Herbal Tea with Cinnamon and Clove; Herbal Tea with Mint and Lemongrass; Herbal Tea with Honey and Orange; Herbal Tea with Rosemary and Thyme; Green Tea with Ginger and Liquorice; Black Tea with Lemon and Spearmint and Herbal Tea with Sage and Lemon Verbena. For today’s Special Offers, please visit our Shop.