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The Saffron Harvest in Kozani

Saffron, Greece’s Purple Gold Kozani saffron lays claim to the title of world’s best thanks to its excellent quality. By Evi Voutsina | November 21st, 2016 In the plains of Tsarsampa, south of Kozani, all the way to Lake Polyfytos with its mild climate, the fields produce the best quality organic saffron in the world, [...]

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Drink TEA for strong bones: Just THREE cups a day slashes fracture risk by a third

THREE cups of tea a day could cut the risk of bone fractures in the elderly by almost a third, says research. The finding means the nation’s favourite drink could now become a powerful weapon against osteoporosis, the bone-weakening illness that already affects around three million people in Britain. Drinking ordinary black tea – the [...]

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Tea sales in decline as Britons desert black tea for more exotic brews

It has long been the staple beverage of British breakfast tables and is regarded by many as the national drink. But the humble cup of tea is now in serious decline as people turn to healthier herbal alternatives, according to research published on 5 August. Between 2010 and 2015 the overall volume of tea sold [...]

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Krokos Kozanis Saffron Feast: A Homage to Greek Saffron in the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster

Everyone knows that since ancient times Greece has been famous for oil, olives, grapes and wine, but few people know that today it has also become the world’s second largest producer of saffron, and the largest in Europe. To display this unexpected excellence, the Greek Pavilion has organized, in collaboration with Krokos Kozanis, a presentational and tasting event [...]

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Red Gold: Saffron Cooperative Thrives amid Greek Crisis By Manfred Ertel As the economic crisis ravages their country, a community of Greek farmers is prospering. Their cooperative specializes in saffron, the world's most expensive spice, which is keeping the community afloat and attracting global attention. Nikolaos Patsiouras is one of the satisfied residents in the [...]

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Nutrition Coach Susan Hart’s Review on Greek Saffron Teas

I was recently sent some new herbal teas and a packet of saffron threads to try, with a request to publish my findings. They are made by a company I’ve not come across before called Krocus Kozanis Products, and although the teas are all different flavours they also all contain Greek red saffron So without [...]

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Healthy iced tea infusions to try this summer

  With the warm summer days approaching, what could be more inviting than a cold refreshing iced tea drink, especially if it is also good for you too! With increasing awareness of the importance of eating well and drinking responsibly, what can be better than a great tasting cup of iced Krocus Kozanis tea with [...]

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